Thursday, 26 February 2009


With the charity chosen and the group agreed on our product, we need the materials. What we are wanting and need for these necklaces are sheets of acrylic, the sheets should be able to go in the laser cutter so our designs can be cut out easily. We also need chain of some sort to hold our designs. This chain has been causing problems as it is coming across that it would be very expensive, so ribbon has been mentioned as an alternative. I personally think ribbon wouldn’t look that odd and as long as it suits the design it is carrying I think it could work! If the chain doesn’t happen for us I don’t see why we couldn’t take our designs and produce them with ribbon, or even an alternative to the necklaces such as bracelets, (Hannah is fab at these) or even key rings, these could probably sell just as well amongst our target audience which is the student and tutor population. Market research would let us know these details, and the more ideas we have to show the better, I think anyways!

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  1. Hi Aimi

    This is coming together nicely - I'd like to see more regular postings with some of your thoughts and ideas about how the business-side of your group work is going to function.

    However - it's looking good - so keep on keeping on!!!