Thursday, 16 April 2009

We made a profit!

To conclude this business module experience, I can honestly say that my group made and sold a successful product. Taking into account the financial costs, which were just the chains because we did not have to pay for the stall, and the acrylic was left over scraps, we did make a profit. We made £130 in total which meant after costs it was a £97 profit. I feel we did very well but that we would do a better job next time. Taking things into account such as the actual day of sale, the promotional aspect and also controlling the number of people behind the stall are all major factors we could improve. Overall I feel the teamwork, production, and potential to improve this product would be a big success.

Working on the stall!

As for the workforce and management of the stall, it was strong. All members of the group had turned up ready for the sale, even though we realised afterwards it would have probably been much more efficient to stick to a rota system. However we all worked together when it came to selling the jewellery with one person making the chain, another wrapping and the third taking the money. The only problem I think there may have been is the fact we were with all the other groups, such as swap-a-top which meant there was a lot of us stood behind the stalls. I think this could have been daunting to possible student buyers with us all stood together, as at times there were more of us than customers.