Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Good news, Bad news

After two weeks off from Wednesdays lesson due to a mix up at the new arranged time and a trip to New York, it was a good day catching up on the pregression of mine and the other groups. Unfortunately we all seem to be running behind, with swap a top not receiving many t-shirts to swap, and our group not having the acrylic with us today and the designs not in the correct format to be laser cut, we have therefore changed the previous date to sell on the 16th to the 25th of March.
The good news is that the acrylic has arrived, bad news is one of our group members is really ill (hope you get well soon Mia!!!!) and has the acrylic. Fortunately we have a back up plan to use Kaths (UCLANs textile technician) spare acrylic scraps she has lying around! The acrylic is in red, white, black and mirrored, a theme we all thought went great with the red nose day! We will then have to decide which designs are to be which colour. Four sheets of acrylic means that based on the size of the designs, hopefully we could fit 20 designs onto one acrylic sheet, giving us 80 acrylic shapes!
The designs should, fingers crossed, be prepared on photoshop and illustrator by this friday 13/03/09 and given to Kath to be laser cut. These should all then be cut by Wednesday which leaves us a week to prepare them onto chain, before selling! The group all really likes the idea of using this black chain
which alongside clasps to fasten, we shall be ordering on friday.!

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