Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A laser cut result!!!!

The designs have been laser cut, and almost worryingly everything now seems to be coming together really well. We have all contributed designs, and with Hannah we spent Friday afternoon and Monday sorting out and preparing the designs on photoshop and illustrator. As well as this we worked out which colour the designs will be produced in, and also the issue of what size they should be. To overcome this problem, and considering we just has acrylic scraps from Kath, we did a trial laser cut from paper so we could see for real how they would turn out. Once happy with the paper we gave the go ahead for the acrylic to be cut, which we have all seen today and the group response was positive! More chain has been ordered as we realised 10 meters of chain for 80 designs would not be enough. the new posters with the new date - Wednesday 25th March - are now up and around the uni campus! Monday at 4 is when we will be chaining up the designs, we should then be ready for sale, selling them for around £2 - £3 each!!

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